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Hello! I’m Artie.

What will we learn today?

Learning Buddy

Thanks to cheerful Artie, learning becomes fun but most importantly doesn’t make children leave the app before achieving a positive result. Having a learning partner is a big convenience.

Augmented Reality

Artie – Playful Math is an educational game for children in primary schools. Thanks to Artie, your kids will love the latest augmented reality technology and will start to understand that mathematics is literally all around us.

A Ton of Examples

With Artie, children learn and practice the basics of arithmetic’s and mathematics. Hundreds of math tasks are available to them, at every level they are currently at or set themselves.

Mathematics is science

Artie Just Works

Thanks to regular practice we can achieve better results after a short time. When children start mastering simple numerical operations, they will no longer be afraid of more complex ones.

Kids love to count with Artie’s help

What can children practice in this app?

Number series – are the basis for further extensions of work with numbers. They help us understand connections and consequences in mathematics and in life.

Addition – we meet with it every day and for children it should become an integral part of an everyday life.

Subtraction – it is very important to start slowly with it and not to be afraid of this mathematical operation.

Multiplication – is something that can make a big deal for children but not with Artie.

Division – will stop haunting and will become an ally for children at exams and in life.

Difficulty Levels – in each section children can choose different levels of difficulty. They will learn to understand mathematics in a wider contexts.

Time – thanks to the time ticking, children maintain the necessary pace for successfully managing school and life challenges.

Correctness – only correct result is acceptable.

Persistence – if children leave the game before the level ends, Artie can’t end it on his own. He needs their help!

Attention & Focus – maintaining attention and focus is an essential quality of successful people. What imitates the real world more than augmented reality?